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Youth Volunteer Camp

Capacity building programs related to volunteering to create Sahabat Pulau ambassadors


(Harapan Anak Indonesia), One youth takes cares of one child at least in one year, the program will pair up on Indonesian youth with a school-aged child by giving scholarship, also becoming the mentor motivator by writing letters that cooperate with post office


(Rumah Baca Harapan), learning and training center focus on education and social entrepreneurship


(Deliver Education Social and Art Preneur), sustainable development for women and youth in Indonesia through local social entrepreneurship

About US

Education, Educate, Educated

Sahabat Pulau is a community –based, sustainable action-oriented project involving local youth and children to have a better life through integration project based on education and social entrepreneur in remote areas.


Hendriyadi Bahtiar
Hendriyadi is the founder a program named “Sahabat Pulau” (Island Friend). This program relies on the efforts of Indonesian youth to overcome education problems in Indonesia. The “One Youth for One Children” concept aims to urge the younger generations to contribute to the educational development of children who come from underprivileged families.
Rita M. Darwis
Devi Indriawati
Bachelor degree of Forest Management at University of Tanjung Pura, Pontianak, West Kalimantan. Even though nowadays, she is working as a National Expert Staff for Senator of West Kalimantan, her passion to be a real volunteer always on the top.
M. Abdul Karim
Executive Director
Muhamad Abdul Karim, usually called by Karim.He had experience working on ommunity Development since 2010 and also had experience being the alumnae of Indonesia – Canada Youth Exchange Program (ICYEP) 2012/2013. His project during the Exchange program was focus on creating small bussines for the local youth and women’s group.He is curently work as Executive Director at Sahabat Pulau, a youth-led, community-based, non-profit organization.
General Secretary
Yusnita Yamus
Isra Ruddin
Public Relation
Anita Atmawijaya
Social Media Manager
I am Anita Atmawijaya. Born (19-01-1993) and raised in Maros, south celebes. I completed my bachelor degree of communication from London School of Public Relations-Jakarta. I am belongs to a family where my father is a head of PT Telkom branch Maros and my mother is a civil-servant. I have one brother. I write some articles, novels, news even the poetry. I like traveling, an adventure and getting a lot experiences. I joined sail komodo 2013 and ENJ 2015. I am in love with fashion and I am a fashion designer wanna be. My long term goals would be becoming the success business woman as an education-travelpreneur.
Irma Rahayuna
Web & Design Manager
Raha or Raa is Garut based Coffee lover and aim to be a Graphic Designer and Entrepreneur. He also loves Travelling and Volunteering to some new places especially rural areas and make a community development project along with his team.
Anisa Nur Ropika
PANDA Manager
Anisa Nur Ropika, a little girl that come from a small village in small city, named Magetan, East Java.Love art deeply, showed by her hobby making some handmade from rubbish and other recycle things. A traditional dancer and theater artist. She believe that the power of women will give huge impact for towards Indonesia better. ‘If great can be done then good isn’t enough’ that’s a little girl motto .
Diki Ian Safitri
Desa-Preneur Manager

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